[Релиз] SocialEngine 4.8.11 Nulled + plugins

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  1. Itnull

    Itnull раздаюбан Команда форума Администратор

    22 май 2013

    • Fixed iconv_set_encoding warnings with PHP version 5.6. Fixes #17 and #347.
    • Updated text to support APCu Extension for PHP versions > 5.6.
    • Fixed fatal error with PHP version 7: “break†not in the “loop†or “switch†context. Fixes #409.
    • Fixed issue with APC and Memcache caching options throwing an error when enabled while respective extensions are not installed on server.
    • Added CSRF token field in admin’s member edit form to address a security vulnerability.
    • Updated Video, Poll, Album and Classified modules to address security vulnerabilities.
    • Made individual more secure by setting unique salt for generating CSRF tokens.
    • Fixed issue with newly registered members receiving two welcome emails.
    • Added a setting for admin to enable/disable sending a welcome email when users are enabled from admin panel.
    • Retrieve more user info (first name, last name, birthday and profile photo) from Facebook API during sign up via Fconnect.
    • Fixed issue with FConnect button not appearing on page after user unchecks the checkbox to dis-integrate facebook account and saves settings. Fixes #318.
    • Fixed error being thrown when user tries to connect FB account that already belongs to another User. We now display a warning.
    • Added Google Plus entry in Janrain integration.
    • Removed TLD validation from email field in admin account creation form. Fixes #344.
    • Removed weather widget due to unavailability of wunderground.com API’s free tier.
    • Fixed screen jumping issue with textarea while typing long content. Fixes #403.
    • Removed “Show this page in search results†checkbox in Layout Editor’s page when editing non-custom pages.
    • Removed Title field from Tab Container widget.
    • Fixed ‘There is already an active transaction’ error that was appearing during signup when using pdo_mysql as database adapter.
    • Fixed issue with default value of Locale field during signup not being set as per the default locale set from admin panel.
    • Removed “Admin Settings†link on Member Profile page for member levels who are not allowed to access admin panel.
    • Updated KB article link in Facebook Integration Settings.
    • Fixed issue with Forum Topics’ Title containing quotation marks. Fixes #340.
    • Fixed incorrect links of Topic and Post in activity notifications. Fixes #391.
    Changelog: You can also browse the complete changelog for more details about the changes and fixes implemented in SocialEngine PHP 4.8.11.